Staying Connected...

Although Youth Nights are over for the summer we have plenty of ways to stay connected with each other! 
Summit Movement: Get more out of Sunday Mass! 
Visit the Movement Here!
The Movement Box: Subscription Service
Through the Movement Box, we are inviting you to be a part of something bigger: something bigger than your parish youth group, something bigger than a summer conference, something bigger than a summer camp, something bigger than a mission trip. We are inviting you to live your faith with intention alongside other teens in the United States. We are inviting you to make your faith a part of your everyday life. Will you accept the invitation?  
The Movement Box is a monthly subscription for young Catholics. Each month, subscribers will receive a slew of items that will vary month to month that will help them join the movement of authentic and fearless evangelists who are sharing their faith with the world.  
Each box purchased by a teen from your parish will give the parish 10% back quarterly to be used as a store credit or towards their annual support subscription!

Core Team Members: 
We are always look for awesome adults who love Jesus, and love His Church and want to help lead teens closer to Christ. 
Small Group Leaders, Game Leaders, Praise & Worship, Food and Snack Prep, Speakers, the list goes on...
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Thank you!